Uzbek-ian massage, Bourdain style.

What is it about those moments when something creeps back into your mind from past memories ? Tonight I was grateful for the recall. I watch maybe 2 hours of television a week anymore, but several years ago I needed my weekly dose of Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations. I distinctly remember watching this episode where he visited Uzbekistan and his travel compadre Samir (sitting watching) talked him into a Uzbek spa massage. This is a brutal massage from what I can tell, after all, it is done on concrete slab. But that is just the beginning. This ultimately set up a revenge situation to get back at Samir. But, I remember laughing so hard at Bourdain's commentary during the massage that my bladder almost failed me. Bourdain had a way with words, a way of communicating, a mastery of an economy of words. It was one of the things I appreciated the most in him, there were no wasted words, and sometimes, words were not even necessary, a simple look was all it took. See for yourself. Beware . . . . speedo, men, oil, cirque du soleil posturing and some contortionist behavior. I remain, smiling at the end of a long Monday. Enjoy my friends.