Saccadic Masking, something you should know about.

Don't glaze over here folks, hear me out.

Saccadic Masking is an event in visual processing where the brain
"selectively blocks visual processing during eye movements in such a way that neither the motion of the eye (and subsequent motion blur of the image) nor the gap in visual perception is noticeable to the viewer".

Maybe we can save a few lives here if we all share this. We are taught to look both ways at least twice but we can all get lazy. Something called Saccadic Masking can often be the reason why accidents happen. "Sorry, i did not see you" is not a lie, as this video explains. The brain actually does not "see" some information. This is just simple neurology, with a flaw, and it is why we should look both ways at least twice, so that the neurologic flaw doesn't trip us up, or someone else for that matter. Don't get lazy, take the extra second to look several times, it could save a life.
Bottom line, don't trust your eyes, at least the first round, look twice.

Gladwell and the false lure of the Ivy League

It is that time of year again, High School ACT test time. It is the time when i start telling parents who tell me how their children are under tremendous stress with the tests, to pull up the Malcolm Gladwell lecture on higher education stats and risks. 
"Relative Deprivation Theory" : as humans we don't form our self assessment based on our standing in the world, rather we do it on our immediate circle. 
Come listen, find out why those ivy league dreams might not be the best choice for some.