Sharing what has been shared.

Teaching is sharing a deep investment, ones own invested time. For a brief period of time, while teaching at National University, I was moonlighting a human dissection anatomy lab at another small undergraduate university to groups of aspiring medical school students. At the end of one certain semester, as a gesture of gratitude, a student brought me this painting copied and framed and signed by the class.  It is a fond memory of my anatomy teaching days. The piece is called, The Agnew Clinic. It depicts Dr. Agnew teaching cadaver anatomy in an open lecture hall format.  It is an 1899 oil painting by the American Artist, David Hayes Agnew. It was presented to Dr. Agnew on his retirement from teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Teaching is sharing. 

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The Gait Guys Blog

Come visit my site and blog with my brilliant friend and partner in crime, Dr. Ivo Waerlop. We have been at this blog for over 6 years amassing over 1400 writings. Interested in movement ? Gait or running ? How about anatomy, biomechanics ? Have a painful knee or hip? We just might have answers. 

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Podcasts : The Gait Guys

We have been podcasting since 2011. With over 140 shows now we have proven to be durable, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Our shows are an hour long and filled with interesting stuff. You don't have to be a doctor, just come and learn. Bring us on your next walk, in your ears.

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