I grew up in a relatively small town, with two really great brothers and truly amazing parents, in Eastern Ontario Canada in the "Banana Belt" of the Niagara Region nestled amongst miles of world class vineyards, orchards and people. I grew up in a time of unlocked doors, drinking from the garden hose, wide open doors all day long, playing around the neighborhood within yelling distance of my dad's booming voice, a time without air conditioning or children's car seats, a time of 8 track tapes, cassettes, vinyl records, AM radio, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rush, Genesis and The Rolling Stones. I grew up in a time of love at first sight, eye to eye conversations, fighting for your rights and self-pride (no anti-bullying programs), rotary phones on the wall, black and white TV, encyclopedias and firm handshakes representing your trust and word.  

I now live in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois.  I enjoy writing, painting, music, podcasts, documentaries, studying martial arts, permaculture, gardening, cooking, music, tinkering in the garage late into the evening with country music playing, practicing medicine, reading and learning new things.  I look forward to tomorrows to do better without assuming I will be granted success or a tomorrow to walk amongst the living. 

I hope you will check in here from time to time.  In my typical fashion of abusing an effective economy of words, I will share some stories, paintings, sketches and ramblings as I move on down this curious road -- until that day that my final breath leaves me for this round. 

Until that last breath, I hope you will join me in engaging the unknowing, in stepping into the void and seeking out the elusive flow state and muse. Yes, I just used some hippy baloney words there, I promise it won't happen often, but it will happen -- consider yourself forewarned. 

The problem is, we think we have time in our lives, the fact of the matter is that we do not. This life is a quick trip.  So, get busy livin' , stick at least one foot in, do the hokey pokey, and shake it all about.  Sometimes that is all it takes to get back on the right road.

Here is a video (link) I think you will enjoy, it doesn't seem to show up on some tablets or phones.

Cheers to you,  my brothers and sisters ! 

- Shawn