6 Icons. Weapons of Change.

A pencil, paintbrush, handprint, martial arts Gi, microphone and a medical bag. For me, at this time in my life, these are my current weapons of change.  They are my means of expression, my tools of self discovery, and my weapons to impact and influence change. Through these "weapons" and curiosity I hope to carve more into life, more lessons, epiphanies, stories, failures, art and things that make me laugh, think and cry. I leave this stuff here to share with you, little pieces of my life and mind, and the things that I have found to be important, inspiring, changing, joyous and painful. I believe that is what we should all do, share.  A lesson taught when we were all small children, sharing, that thing that elevates us all.  Share.



Stories, insights, epiphanies, lies, failures and other nonsense. There have been some wild rides, interesting times, deep lows and mountain top highs. Come join me for some of my writings on various topics that make me wonder what the hell are we all doing here.


Painting, Drawings & Photos

A raw untaught clear novice pics up a brush, pastels, and other mediums and makes a terrible mess.  Come visit a few years of my successes, flops, and experiments. It is all a work in progress, but I would rather fail than not try at all. Go easy on this novice, I am still finding my sea legs while summoning the muse.


Martial Arts: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Gracie Barra Style. "The Gentle Art". Built on the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using technique, leverage and smarts. I have learned much about myself and life from this art. I have some things to say.


These Hands

Without my brain, these hands are useless. With 19 years in clinical practice helping people, I have some stories and insights to share. The Gait Guys blog, one I founded with Ivo 6 years ago, has reached 80+ countries and I have some insights to share from that journey as well.


Life, Changes, Teaching & trying to leave a mark on this rock.

There is going to be a load of other things that do not fit into categories under my 6 icons of "Weapons of Change". You will find that "stuff" under the "Stuff" tab. Careful, you might get lost down the rabbit hole of odd things which I find fascinating. Keep an open mind, we know less than we think we do.