of Water, Rocks, and Seeping Time

Simple things are powerful.

Water is far more powerful than the rock. Water can easily slip into the cracks in rock, silently waiting, executing patience to do it's work.
It takes waiting for winter, for the water to freeze into ice , to expand and put such immense pressures inside the tiny cracks to split the rock.
Never underestimate the power of your simple strengths, of small seemingly frivolous gestures, and the necessary patience to wait for the right time for them to expand and exert their growing pressures to create change.
The smallest and simplest of things -- kindness, gratitude, sharing one's precious time, and love can change lives.  Do not underestimate what the simplest of things you share, like water seeping into a crack, can do when they seep into someones life to create paramount change.

Everything that has meaning and value takes time Every avalanche starts with one snowflake, just be patient, give it time. Find the rocks in your life, someone's life, a troubled child, an angry man, a destitute soul, or even the cracks in your own life   . . . . and be like water.  Seep into the cracks, slowly, purposefully, with great intention.  And then wait, patiently, for the season to change.

Seep into some cracks today, it is worth it, after all, the problem is, we think we have time.

- Shawn

What's your weapon of change ? Are you dreaming, thinking, wishing ? Or are you executing ? Nothing is real until you make it real.  Get busy.