Commissioned Piece : John Leslie "Wes" Montgomery

Stage 2 down, one final stage to go !

Stage 2, "Breaking in some new cover-alls. Getting that first light layer of paint on the right leg is pleasing."  . . . .  as  you will see below.  I included the Stage 1 photo at the bottom. Stage 2 is my favorite, this is where stuff really happens and the piece takes on some life. By stage 2, i feel i am about 80-90% done usually. But, for me, that last % is a killer.

This leads to Stage 3, cleaning it up so it looks exactly like Wes is the last, and hardest part.  Then it is getting the hands right, jacket etc.  There is plenty of work to do yet, you might not see it, but I do. Gosh, do I ever.  This 3rd stage is the one that wrecks me, it is the longest stage for me. The fussy stuff.  Stay tuned !